Heading Towards November

Heading towards November!

Thanks to the power of our supporters the Renter Protection Act of 2016 is on the November 8, 2016 ballot. This means that Oakland voters can establish strong, and lasting tenant protections that will not be at the mercy of future city councils. Now we must spread our message to all Oakland Voters! 

The Renter Protection Act of 2016, Measure JJ, will: 

  • Require landlords to petition with the Rent Board for rent increases that exceed the Consumer Price Index.
  • Expand Just Cause eviction protections from the current cutoff date of October 1980 to buildings constructed through 1995. 
  • Expand the duties and powers of the Rent Board and Rent Adjustment Program to increase accountability and effectiveness in implementing tenant protections. In particular, the measure will require the creation of a “searchable data base," which will give tenant advocacy organizations  better access to much needed data.