July 19th City Council Meeting

This Oakland City Council Meeting is our LAST chance to demand City Council Members take action to protect Oakland tenants by voting to place Council Member Rebecca Kaplan's Renter Protection Act of 2016 on the November ballot. Oakland needs real and lasting tenant protections NOW. 

JOIN US for a pre meeting rally at 4pm at City Hall to help ensure our supporters all get seats inside City Council Chambers. This meeting is expected to draw a very large crowd so it is very important to get there early!

The Renter Protection Act of 2016 will help ease the displacement crisis by 

o Establishing that landlord’s must petition if they want to increase rent above the agreed upon amount instead of the tenant
o Increasing the number of rental units protected under Just Cause to all units built before 1995 
o Strengthening Oakland’s Rent Board 

Leading up to the 19th, please call your City Council Member and let them know that you SUPPORT CM Kaplan's Renter Protection Act of 2016 and you URGE your CM to vote to place it on the November ballot. 

Please contact your City Council Member and ask them to support the Renter Protection Act of 2016 and sign up to speak in support at the meeting by signing up at this link: https://solar.oaklandnet.com/Speaker/form and make sure you write in that you would like to speak on Agenda Item #13!

(You can find your Council Member here: http://mapgis.oaklandnet.com/councildistricts/

District 1 City Councilmember
Dan Kalb
(510) 238-7001

District 3 City Councilmember
Lynette McElhaney
(510) 238-7003

District 4 City Councilmember
Annie Campbell Washington
(510) 238-7004

Protect Oakland Renters Phone Script:

Who to call:

 Councilmember Dan Kalb: District 1, North Oakland

 Councilmember Abel Guillen: District 2, Eastlake-Chinatown

 Councilmember Lynette Gibson-McElhaney: District 3, West Oakland/Adams Point/Downtown

 Councilmember Annie Campbell-Washington: District 4, Hills, Laurel

Suggested Script:

Hi, may I please speak w/ Councilmember_______________________________?

This is______________________with ______________(state your org/Union/affiliation) & Coalition to

Protect Oakland Renters. We are calling to urge Councilmember__________to support Councilmember

Kaplan’s “Renter Protection Act of 2016” as it will be introduced @ the July 19 th Council meeting. We

are asking you support this and say NO to any changes that will “gut” or weaken this measure intended

to protect renters who are being displaced from our city in record numbers.


Note to caller: (Specifically we are concerned that Council members will attempt to weaken or gut this

measure by weakening the landlord petition, as proposed by CM Campbell-Washington and/or roll

back current law to allow Landlords to pass through 100% of their costs to tenants. Additionally we

are asking that Just Cause be moved to December 31, 1995—so we have the whole year)


Can we count on the Councilmember to vote in support of placing Councilmember Kaplan’s proposal on

the ballot as it will be introduced on July 19 th ?

(if you’re told “we support this, but…..”:


Suggested Response: We’ve lost over 25% of the African American population & there are close to

1,000 evictions being filed per month. We’re asking Council to stand up and choose the side of renters

and working families and not out of town lobbyists and large developers. Can we count on your


Thank you.



Will you come?