Town Love for Measure JJ

The Town showed love for Measure JJ Saturday, August 27th when we rallied by Lake Merritt with Samba Funk and talked with local business owners about MEASURE JJ ! 


Last Saturday we had a tremendous turnout for the YES on Measure JJ kickoff! Oakland tenants, small landlords, City workers, faith leaders, nurses, teachers and students came out to talk with local businesses in support of Measure JJ. 


With Measure JJ, Oakland tenants like Teresa Salazar and her family will not have to live in fear of being illegally evicted. 


Long time residents like Billy, are now facing unprecedented rent increases because corporate landlords know they can rent their units out for much higher rents. Measure JJ would strengthen the Oakland Rent Board so it could best assist Billy with the complex process of fighting rent increases. 


Vote YES on Measure JJ so future Oakland renters have real protections that they can rely on to keep them in their homes. 

If you were not able to make it down to Lake Merritt this Saturday, you can donate and request your Yes on Measure JJ window sign at 

Check out the local businesses who support Measure JJ here